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It's not your machine automation's fault. It's your voltage.

Unscheduled downtime takes a huge toll in efficiency, productivity and profit. The faster the cause is identified, the faster the lines are running again. Easier said than done when the culprit is Dirty Power. These disruptions in voltage, current or frequency can slip into your facility, cascade through your system and impair your operations. 98% of Dirty Power events are voltage sags that last less than two seconds—ample time to cause downtime, damage, and frantic diagnostics of equipment and software, when the real cause lies inside the lines that power them.

Fortunately, we can give you the means to diagnose and reduce—and even prevent—Dirty Power events with i-Grid event notifications, DySC registered trademark battery-free UPSs, or both. Easy to install, use and maintain, they’re why companies worldwide trust us to eliminate power-related downtime once and for all.

Industry-Specific Solutions


Pure, consistent power can mean the difference between on-time delivery and an expensive pile of scrap wafers and components. Read more.

Case Studies:

hynixTexas Instruments

Food & Beverage

When F&B operations stall, lost production and profit are only part of the expense. Compliance reporting and plant safety compound the cost of unscheduled downtime. The solution? Talk to us. Read more.

Case Studies:

KraftGeneral Mills


Flexible manufacturing works great when it works. Put Dirty Power in the mix and the story changes dramatically. Sophisticated robotics, CNC machining, inspection and automation technologies simply quit when the power dips. Read more.

Case Studies:

Harley-Davidson MotorcyclesChrysler