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i-Sense® intelligent sensors You sense there's a problem.  Now you can see it.

Managing plants at peak efficiency takes peak power quality. i-Sense technology provides the vital data that pinpoints power events, reveals the relationship between voltage sags and downtime situations, and gives you the certainty of knowing the cause, so you can take fast, appropriate and targeted action to get your operations up and running with minimal MTTR (mean time to repair).


i-Senses are ultra-low cost, easy to use, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, the i-Sense transmits your power quality event data to our i-Gridregistered trademark servers via an Ethernet or modem connection. That data is collected, analyzed and sent to subscribers in the form of i-Grid event notifications—giving you the ability to view detailed power quality event data and reports anytime, anywhere, using any computer with an Internet connection, even your pager.


i-Senses require no host software and are virtually maintenance-free. And with thousands of i-Senses making up the i-Grid, you can absolutely rely on the data you receive.

Use i-Sense units to:
  • Monitor incoming power for your entire facility (additional units can monitor multiple feeds or multiple buildings)
  • Correlate process/equipment downtime with specific power quality events
  • Identify and specify optimal power solutions to power quality problems actually experienced at your site and regionally
  • Receive prompt and automatic notification via email or pager of power quality events, including event data and timestamps
  • Generate summary reports of events
  • Display RMS voltage, as well as waveform data

 i-Grid Brochure (PDF)
 i-Grid Datasheet (PDF)
Input Voltage Range
26 user-selectable voltages (100V-480V)
50/60 hz auto-sensing
1-phase, 3-phase or dual 3-phase measurement

Accuracy of Measurement
Typically +/- 0.2% of full scale
Maximum +/- 2% of full scale
True RMS computation

Sampling Rate
5760 samples/second

Event Detection Criteria
RMS voltage deviation <87% or >115% of nominal
Adaptive wave shape deviation algorithm
Event time synchronized to GMT (NIST reference); +/- 0.1 second accuracy

Data Logging
Over 300 events / over 50 days (nonvolatile memory event storage)
Periodic min/max rms voltage data over user-selected periods
User-configurable communication (Ethernet or Global Modem)
Data provided via immediate notifications, corroboration reports and summary reports
Historical data is available for view and export at