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There are sensitive manufacturing environments—and there is the semiconductor industry. In these complex operations, one tiny blip can disrupt sequencing, damage expensive equipment, create immense delays and material waste, and generate huge cost overruns.

Prevention is the highest priority, so production sophistication is taken to the highest level. But while precision motion controls, optics, temperature controls and clean room integrity all help to safeguard the process and the product, these components are only as good as the power that supplies them.

Clean power can mean the difference between finished goods and an expensive pile of scrap components and wafers.

The DySCregistered trademark battery-free UPS is SEMI F47 compliant and will ensure that these complex processes get the clean power they need to function at highest efficiency. Our years of experience working with major semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers have provided unique insights into your challenges as well as effective solutions for protecting your facilities and operations.

What can a split-second sag do to your operations?
  • Compromise clean room integrity
  • Damage expensive, hard-to-replace equipment
  • Drop ovens and destroy product
  • Idle lithography tools
  • Trip compressed air, cooling water and gas management systems
  • Create large piles of scrap silicon
  • Severely compromise fab productivity

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